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Bio-toilet is a decomposition mechanized toilet system which decomposes human excretory waste in the digester tank using specific high graded bacteria (aerobic or anaerobic) further converting it into methane gas, Carbon dioxide gas and water.

Bio digester tanks mainly made of FRP and in RCC as per customer needs, from 1000 Ltrs to 25000 Ltrs capacity

 BIo Digester

How does a Bio Digester Tank System work A consortium of anaerobic bacteria has been formulated and adopted to work at temp as low as 5 degree' This is the component which acts as inoculums (seed material) to the bildigester and converts the organic waste into methane and carbon dioxide. The anaerobic process inactivates the pathogens responsible for water borne diseases. Biodigester serves as reaction vessel for bio-methanation and provides the anaerobic conditions and required temperature for the bacteria. The optimum temp is maintained by microbial heat, insulation of the reactor and solar heating at places wherever required.

BIo Digester Tanks

Bio toilet is completely different toilet as compare to the traditional restrooms. lt saves a lot of water and helps in keeping the environment clean. Bio-digester technology treats human waste at the source. A collection of anaerobic bacteria that has been adapted to work at temperatures as low as 5"C and as high as 50"C act as inocula (seed material) to the bio- digesters and convert the organic human waste into water, methane, and carbon-dioxide gases. The anaerobic Process inactivates the Pathogens responsible for water-borne diseases and treats the shit without the use of an external energy source.

Under the bio-toilet concept of the DRDO, the bio- digester tank in every toilet is filled with inoculums containing four types of bacteria. The water trap system in the toilet prevents air from getting into the tank, the human waste is Processed by anaerobic bacteria in seven chambers in the tank and the methane gas is allowed to escape into the air. After the completion of this process, only methane, carbon dioxide gases and water remains. These gases are left in the environment whereas water can be recycled and used in toilets again.


 BIo Digester

 BIo Digester

 BIo Digester

  1. Around 40% space only required,compared to conventional concrete tanks.
  2. Affordable costs.
  3. Organic pollution reduction by 99%
  4. Pathogen inactivation by 99%
  5. Effluent is free from off odour and safe for environmental discharge
  6. Maintenance free, no need to clean the tank
  7. Permits all toilet cleaning agents except acids.
  8. Easy to transport and install.
  9. Tank never fills up ,no need to clean/empty the tank for years.
The Bio digester tanks filled with microbial inoculum which is a mixture of different types of bacteria (Hydrolytic, Acidogenic, Acetogenic and Methanogenic groups) responsible for breakdown of complex polymers into simple sugars which are further broken down into low chain fatty acids and finally into clear water output and bio gas.
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