Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

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There are various types of Automatic fire detection and suppression systems. Pre-configured & ready to install Fire Suppression solutions.

Suitable for high risk areas such as Electrical Cabinets, Mechanical & Chemical Combustion ,Coal handling Zones.

  1. Pre Engineered Application
  2. Linear Heat Detection
  3. Cable system Polymer Tube Detection
  4. systems Water Mist & CAFS system
  5. Portable Fire extinguisher

Safety Systems

  1. Proximity warning system
  2. Emergency tripping system (ets)
  3. Audio visual alarm system
  4. Rear view camera system

We Lakshmi enterprises provide automatic fire detection systems, mainly Water sprinklers and Co2 or any approved Gas based where water cant be sprayed. In case of any fire emergency, without any human involvements, the systems smells the initial fire and within a second gets activated to spray water/Gas and quench the fire, along with an alarm. Much suitable and needed for Coal handling, paper , sugar, steel mills, oil refineries, storage tanks, earth movers, Locomotives, Generators, Switch gears, cable racks, Computer control rooms etc.

Weed Harvesters

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Mainly there are two types of weed harvesters, one open land brush cutters, and Aquatic water line weed harvesters.


Brush Cutter Machine


A brush cutter machine is a device usually used for cutting/trimming weeds, crop and overgrown grass, paddy, etc. a brush cutter is not just only used for harvesting the crops but also used to clear the garden weeds and if your garden is overgrown with dense grasses than brush cutter can be helpful to remove the grasses.


Types of Brush Cutter


Generally, there has two types of brush cutter available with us - i) Shoulder-Mounted Brush Cutter and ii) Backpack Brush Cutter, which is operated by electric and petrol.


Importance of Brush Cutter


Brush cutters are used for multi-purpose equipment used to cut paddy, weeds, crops, grass, mulberry, parthenium, soybeans, etc., making this product ideal for professional harvesting and trimming grasses.


An aquatic weed harvester, also known as a water mower mowing boat and weed cutting boat, is a marine machine specifically designed for inland watercourse management to cut and harvest underwater weeds, reeds, and other aquatic plant life.[4] The action of removing aquatic plant life in such a manner has been referred to as "aquatic harvesting."[


Like an underwater lawnmower, an aquatic weed harvester cuts the vegetation, collecting and storing the weeds on board. Aquatic weed harvesters are fitted with a pick-up conveyor at the forward end of the machine, which can be lowered underwater to cut weeds.


With Lakshmi enterprises, both Brush cutters and Aquatic weed harvesters available, in various sizes, designs to suit customer’s specific 

job requirements.


Moreover, we undertake weed harvesting contracts with our expert team of technicians at meager costs. 

Centralized grease lubrication systems

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Centralized grease lubrication systems are widely used in industrial and heavy-duty mobile equipment applications to lubricate multiple points on a machine.


These systems range from a simple single-port lubricator to complex dual-line, reversing units employing timers and alarms to deliver grease reliably to hundreds of grease points.

 Maintain them properly.


Advantages of Lakshmi's Centralized Grease Lubrication System Services


Centralized grease systems are designed principally, simplifying the process of accessing remote grease points, especially in confined spaces, when equipment is in operation. However, the primary benefit is derived from the continuous application of small amounts of grease, resulting in improved equipment life due to the consistent supply of lubricant.


Hand application is typically performed infrequently and may result in uneven amounts of grease being applied, leading to over greasing. It results in damaged seals and elevated bearing temperatures caused by grease churn.



Maintenance professionals need to realize that many centralized grease systems have long lines, precise metering valves, fittings, and numerous connections. It causes malfunction due to vibration, air entrainment, and other environmental impacts. Thus, carefully monitoring and maintaining the systems consistently is critical.



At Lakshmi enterprises, we design, manufacture, and supply Pneumatic, electric, manual types of centralized lubrication systems, single point and multi-point. We customize the design as per your need. 

Cardan Shafts Services

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Cardan Shafts, or even called u-joints, couplings facilitate reliable torque transfer between remote drive and output trains. Cardan shafts f offer suitable mechanical drive solutions in nearly all industrial sectors due to their versatile design and high efficiency.

Our weight-optimized, energy-efficient, high-performance universal joint shafts are developed using advanced methods. FEM calculations to provide optimal tube wall strengths and diameters for high torsion and bending resistance.

Cardan Shafts from Lakshmi Enterprises Salem

We use tempered steel and case-hardened steel for our Cardan shafts. Calibrated precision steel tubes are used for particularly demanding solutions. All materials are used to fulfill the requirements for standard classifications. Reliable and continuous operation of our Cardan shafts with a high torque capacity is therefore guaranteed. Our Cardan shafts are characterized by low-maintenance components and low maintenance costs over the entire product life cycle.

Our dynamic balancing systems allow the balancing of Cardan shafts. Universal joint shafts with high accuracy comply with the specifications for applications that involve fast-turning universal joints. Running with low vibrations reduces the load on the drive and the universal joints. This leads to a longer service life of Cardan shafts and creates less operating noise.

Lakshmi Enterprises Cardan Shafts Salem India

We supply Cardan shafts for railways, paper, steel rolling mills, cement industries, sugar, medical, thermal power stations, etc., with a warranty.

Lakshmi Crane Services


There are various models of EOT cranes available . If you want to know more about these types of cranes, their specifications and decide which one among them is your right choice, just share your requirement. Our cranes are customized to specific requirements of every individual customer:

Double Girder EOT Crane.


Single Girder EOT Crane


Jib Crane HOT Crane

MCPB Crane

Electric Wire Rope Hoists




There are three working movements of EOT Crane- crane hook up and down lifting, trolley lateral movement and crane long travelling longitudinal motion.

The motor exhibits a driving force of the hoisting mechanism. This transmits the power to high-speed shaft end. The ring gear transmits the driving force and then with the help of pulleys and wire ropes the crane hook is driven up and down. Similarly, the half gear coupling, its joint and compensation shaft will help in rotating trolley wheels.’

How Lakshmi Enterprises helps our Customer in the Crane Segment?

Applications: Granites, steel, cement, sugar, heavy engineering workshops, paper industries, Steel scraps, port trusts, Railways, material handling workshops ,heavy earthmover workshops etc..

We supply whole EOT cranes up to 50 Ton cap, spares like Hoists, Gear couplings, Brakes, Hoists, Hook Assembly, LT/CT structures, Wheel sets ,Rope Drums, Pendent switches etc