Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

Written by Rajamanikandan Narayanasamy on . Posted in Products and Services

There are various types of Automatic fire detection and suppression systems. Pre-configured & ready to install Fire Suppression solutions.

Suitable for high risk areas such as Electrical Cabinets, Mechanical & Chemical Combustion ,Coal handling Zones.

  1. Pre Engineered Application
  2. Linear Heat Detection
  3. Cable system Polymer Tube Detection
  4. systems Water Mist & CAFS system
  5. Portable Fire extinguisher

Safety Systems

  1. Proximity warning system
  2. Emergency tripping system (ets)
  3. Audio visual alarm system
  4. Rear view camera system

We Lakshmi enterprises provide automatic fire detection systems, mainly Water sprinklers and Co2 or any approved Gas based where water cant be sprayed. In case of any fire emergency, without any human involvements, the systems smells the initial fire and within a second gets activated to spray water/Gas and quench the fire, along with an alarm. Much suitable and needed for Coal handling, paper , sugar, steel mills, oil refineries, storage tanks, earth movers, Locomotives, Generators, Switch gears, cable racks, Computer control rooms etc.